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We have seen some lovely things that would not normally be seen,  Had great fun learning new skills,

 Met wonderful like minded people. 

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This beautiful decorative basket was made in England in the 17th century and is now in the Holburne Museum in Bath.

 The figures almost certainly represent Charles II and his wife, Catherine of Braganza. 

 There are thousands of brightly coloured glass beads threaded on to wire and then attached on to the mesh of the basket.

 (Photo: Holburne Museum)


IAGM 2016

Ashmoleam Museum


A wonderful 2 day event in the lovely city of Oxford. First part of the weekend was a day being taught the 2 needle, right angle weave technique that makes the purses we are seeing on Sunday. Teacher was Jane Marie Griffin.

The size 10 seed beads that where used made a beautiful fabric like piece.

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This stunning piece was made in the 16c,

 It was the inspiration for the class on Saturday. 

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The Sacrifice of Isaac.  1663

Beadwork, with a variety of of materials to create this very beautiful picture.

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Another lovely picture, made in the 16c. 

The colours are so bright, so clear and in remarkable condition.