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Secretary, Membership Secretary,


Carole Morris.


Rebecca Coles FCCA


Stefany Tomlin

Editorial, Groups, Courses.

Jennifer Airs

Team Members Without Portfolio

Pat Nieburg

Wendy Buck

Publicity Officer & Webmaster

Tina Holmes

You will find our stand at these shows.

Please come and say hello.

Haydock Park 23 April (£) 
Great British Bead Bazaar 7th May 
Cheshire Bead Fair 4th June 
Newmarket 25th June (£) 
Leeds Bead Fair 24th Sept
Haydock Park 1st Oct (£)
Harrogate Bead Fair  22 Oct  (£)
Newmarket 12 Nov (£)
Nantwich 26 Nov (£)
(£) = show your  BSoGB membership card 
get a reduction on the entrance fee.
Others may be added as we hear about them.
Check back often to see where we are.